1. Cannabis Design & Construction Considerations in Cannabis Business Executive: Part Three

    There’s a lot to consider when designing and constructing a cannabis cultivation or processing facility. In our latest article on the Cannabis Business Executive website, our team dives into some of the top considerations for growers and processors, taking the design and construction process step-by-step to help guide a successful project. The design and construction process of a facility can be broken down into eight distinct phases. This recent article, which is the last part in a three-part series on the subject, discusses the construction process including the permitting, bidding and construction phases.

    The article covers each of these phases in depth:

    • Permitting: Once complete, the construction documents will be submitted to the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) for permitting. The AHJ will review the plans to make sure they meet all required building codes and other important regulations.
    • Bidding: The first step in the build phase is to send out the completed design plans to be bid on by contractors.
    • Construction: While the actual construction of the project has many of its own phases, there are important checkpoints along the way during which a professional engineer can provide input. Things such as the “rough-in” of the equipment and fixtures, site visits by inspectors and final system testing and performance are all important parts of this phase.

    If you want to check out all the phases you can expect to encounter when starting up your new cannabis facility, we invite you to review our full series of articles on Cannabis Business Executive. We draw upon our years of experience in the industry, and the many projects we’ve completed for clients in this space, in order to provide guidelines and best practices based on real-world experience. When you plan ahead and know what to expect for your new undertaking – and have the right team in place – you can ensure an efficient and successful process.


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