1. Cannabis Design & Construction Considerations in Cannabis Business Executive

    There’s a lot to think about when designing and constructing a cannabis cultivation or processing operation. In our newest article on the Cannabis Business Executive website, our team dives into some of the top considerations for growers and processors, taking the design and construction process step-by-step to help guide a successful project. The design and construction process of a facility can be broken down into eight distinct phases. This recent article, which is the first in a three-part series on the subject, covers the first phase of any new operation in detail.

    Phase one encompasses important owner decisions to consider before starting a project. During this vitally important phase, we encourage owners to ask questions like:

    • What is the budget? Determining this piece in detail will help decide many factors throughout the design and construction process and help in the planning stages across the board. It can help eliminate costly redesign efforts.
    • Who is the Owner’s Representative? This could be the owner, an employee or someone else. We write “the most successful projects tend to hire an experienced Owner’s Representative. Someone experienced in the construction process will generally pay for themselves when you take into account the efficiency gained having them involved from beginning to end.”
    • What type of design and construction method is best for my project? There are two approaches: the traditional design-bid-build method, an owner will hire separate entities to complete the design and the build; and the more modern design-build method involving the owner hiring a single organization to perform both the design and the build of the operation.

    The article covers the above in greater detail, along with a section on what to consider about hazardous operations, such as extraction facilities, and how to plan ahead to make things go smoothly.

    The article concludes with: “By making these important decisions and learning key information at the right times, business owners will set themselves up for success.”

    You can check out the complete article here: and check back soon for Part Two in the series!