1. Effect of Electrical Systems on Cannabis Production and Yield

    How can a well-designed electrical system provide cannabis growers with a better product and even a higher physical volume of product? If electrical needs for your grow operation seem like a nuisance, you’re not alone, as it is a huge cost, both from a system purchase and ongoing usage perspective.  Getting your electrical system requirements just right can dramatically affect your outcomes.

    So what are the important considerations when selecting a system?

    • Reliability: If your electrical systems are down, the lighting cycles for growth are interrupted and this can spell disaster for your plants. If your system isn’t designed correctly from the outset, you could face plant loss from overloading equipment and tripping breakers. Reliable doesn’t necessarily mean bigger, and when you have the partnership of experienced electrical engineers, you can figure out how to find the most reliable setup for your needs. When your system is designed correctly to provide your ideal growing conditions, you won’t have to think twice about day-to-day management when it comes to electricity – the system will just work.
    • Efficiency: This is perhaps the most important element when it comes to electric selection, as it will immediately impact your bottom line. Systems designed by an engineering firm like Root Engineers can provide value added non-traditional arrangements to optimize your individual system. Engineers can leverage a wealth of knowledge gained from the commercial industry, to design systems that lower energy costs, lower service sizes and provide an optimized capacity. Electrical systems designed by professional engineers can significantly save on your utility costs.
    • Future Growth: This is the area where we’ve seen the most failure in the cannabis industry. Many growers are looking for a system that will meet their immediate needs and forget to plan for future growth. Retrofitting an electrical system that was not big enough to anticipate growth is an expensive and time consuming endeavor. Selecting a system that is scalable enough to grow with your business can save time and money in the long term.
    • Knowledge: Every cannabis facility has different challenges. Perhaps the building was not originally designed as an indoor grow operation and used to be a restaurant. Perhaps your operation involves an integrated process that incorporates grow and extraction process. Perhaps your community regulatory constraints are tricky and stringent. Working with a partner that has experience navigating these complication issues can help you understand your unique limitations, how to get around those limitations and be successful.

    We’ve worked with a large number of cannabis growers over the past few years and every partner we’ve had is very passionate about their business. They want the best possible product as the outcome to all their hard work. By teaming up with the professionals for important aspects of your process, like electrical system selection, you create space to do what you do best – focus on your product.