1. Root in the News: Laura Breit Featured in CannabisTech

    Root Engineers founder and Managing Principal, Laura Breit, recently spoke with Kristina Etter of CannabisTech. CannabisTech is a newer media company serving decision-makers and users in the cannabis industry with the insight and information they need to stay ahead of an evolving market. During their conversation, Laura and Kristina discussed women in technology who have set their sights on the cannabis industry.

    Alongside three other outstanding women in cannabis technology, Laura was featured based on her role in shaping the cannabis industry for women in technology. With the infancy of the cannabis industry, women have an opportunity to redefine their roles in the workplace by embracing their strengths and building on their passions. As a mechanical engineer, Laura is no stranger to being a woman in an industry where females are a minority.

    After completing more than 80 projects in the cannabis industry, Laura feels that this burgeoning industry is similar to more traditional paths when it comes to women in the workplace. Laura says, “It’s still a little dude-heavy, but the one cool thing about where the industry is at, is the fact that everyone is really excited. There’s this idea we’re all in it together, and a little bit ‘against the man,’ so to speak.”

    Laura also offers some profound advice for other women focusing on careers in the technology sector, whether cannabis-focused or not. She says, “You’re a woman. You are different, and you don’t have to hide from being different, you’re not going to be like the other men in the room. It’s ok to be a woman. Find other women to help you find your professional voice because it’s not going to sound like a man’s.”

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