1. Root In the News: Laura Breit Interviewed by CFN Media

    Root Engineers founder Laura Breit sat down with Rachelle Gordon, national press reporter for CFN Media, at the recent MJ Biz Con show in Las Vegas. CFN Media (CannabisFN) is the leading creative agency and media network dedicated to legal cannabis. During their conversation, Laura answered questions about Root Engineer’s history, services, differentiators and predictions for the future.

    Perhaps the most important takeaway from the article is the role that a professional engineering firm can play in helping guide cannabis producers or extractors through a complex landscape. Not only are the regulations surrounding the legal cannabis space changing often, but the “highly complex facilities housing these operations must be efficient, compliant, and safe.” Root Engineers has applied its 100+ combined years of experience in designing commercial and industrial facilities to more than 80 projects in the cannabis space.

    In the article, Laura says, “Our approach to engineering is focused on providing the very best recommendations for the unique operation of our clients. A lot of the other companies that you will see in this space, they’re looking to sell their equipment first, and the design second. We really concentrate on a very custom design. Because it’s the design that should drive what the equipment selection is. We really want to start at the root of the problem, pun intended, definitely, and build the right system from there.”

    The core of the Root Engineers promise is helping clients create efficiencies from the very beginning, saving money up front and in the long term through smart system design and selection. Their team of experts evaluates each project and optimizes a plan around the critical process parameters that directly impact design. By taking a proactive approach, cannabis facilities can be more efficient along the entire continuum – from building to operations. Rather than being “caught in the backend” with permitting or design problems, going through the process the right way from the beginning can save significant money and time.

    So what’s coming for Root Engineers? Laura says: “What we’re calling the Cannabis 2.0 is kicking off” and she expects the Root team to be even more involved in the industry and with larger operations. She continues, “Certainly, we will be looking at energy use and the costs to operate certain systems, and just being the thought leaders in this space. Above all else, doing what’s best for our clients and the industry.”

    Check out the whole interview here: