1. Meeting regulatory considerations for cannabis facilities

    It’s a story as old as legalization. NIMBY (not in my back yard) neighbors complain about noise or odor, and growers have to jump through governmental hoops to address these complaints. Once a formal complaint has been filed, growers must provide a noise or odor study, for example, to prove that they are within legal limits.

    No one wants to interrupt their daily business operations to deal with these kinds of issues. It can be likened to a tax audit where you have to drag out boxes of receipts and paperwork and spend days of your life NOT doing business. When you are dealing with a formal complaint in the cannabis space, you are probably facing everything from visits from authorities to producing manufacturing data for your various operational systems. Detailed calculations, measurements, filtration and other information are par for the course in these circumstances.

    In addition to partnering with companies to address any such complaints thoroughly and professionally, Root Engineers also can help with the very best approach: avoiding these complaints in the first place. Our team can assist with the navigating the permitting process up front, helping businesses clearly demonstrate that they have met the requirements set before them, and are operating within their rights. Permitting provides a clear statement of why something is to be accepted, and measures to demonstrate if that statement still holds true.

    Ultimately, the ability of cannabis operations to navigate the permitting process depends on well-written, comprehensive regulations. They need to lay out goals that are specific, measurable, and attainable. They need to be fair to all parties, and should be written for the long term. Of course, all of this is far easier said than done. Strong regulations must be the product of thoughtful collaboration not only within the community, but with external third parties offering their expertise. This responsibility is largely on those writing the regulations, but those affected must be ready to share their voices too.

    Local and state regulations around cannabis are often seen as just another pile of expensive obstacles between a grower and the establishment of their growing operation, and some people believe that the regulations don’t do enough to protect the public from the uncertainties of a young industry. Root Engineers realizes that regulations may sometimes be difficult to understand and follow, but with the right approach and experience they can be efficiently navigated. We have a team of professional engineers that has specific experience in working with local authorities to help steer your business through these situations. Adding that layer of professionalism, verifying the information you have gathered, and acting as your advocate can give you a leg up on the process.

    Creating the correct operational infrastructure from the beginning, coupled with a deep understanding of the regulatory landscape, can keep you clear of those NIMBYs and leave you to focus on your business.