1. Check Out Our New White Paper on Equipment Selection for Sustainable Grow Room Design

    Last week, we launched a new white paper to help cannabis grow operations make better equipment selections for meeting their goals for growth, efficiency and sustainability. The paper, called “Sustainable Cannabis Grow Room Design” draws on our work in the cannabis industry, and years of engineering experience, to make practical recommendations surrounding major equipment selection.

    We analyze data surrounding upfront equipment costs versus long-term profit margins, evaluating payback periods so that readers can make decisions based on their own business goals and growth projections. Because the industry is maturing and changing quickly, companies in the space need to focus on efficient and sustainable practices that will impact their profit margins in both the short and long term.

    One of the biggest investments any cannabis grow operation makes is equipment selection, designed to provide optimal conditions for indoor growing. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), water usage, and electrical systems directly impact an operation’s productivity and bottom line. The white paper unveils our team’s expertise in energy modeling, construction economics, and system design to provide expert advice for customized HVAC solutions for cannabis cultivation operations in the new white paper.

    “Sustainable Cannabis Grow Room Design” takeaways include:

    • Understanding the concept of the often overlooked “payback period” for HVAC equipment, an integral concept that impacts the bottom line
    • Considering how a range of equipment options can provide a comprehensive base for decisions
    • Weighing company goals against initial equipment costs and long-term efficiency to determine best course of action

    To view “Sustainable Cannabis Grow Room Design” in its entirety, visit: