1. Regulatory Considerations Featured in Analytical Cannabis eBook

    Analytical Cannabis recently published their latest eBook, Trends in Cannabis Extraction. Part of Technology Networks Group, Analytical Cannabis provides a single resource for the latest cannabis science news, research, resources, and original articles. The Root Engineers team was pleased to have our article, “Regulatory Considerations for Cannabis Extraction Operations”, featured in the recent eBook.

    “Regulatory Considerations for Cannabis Extraction Operations” discusses some of the most important regulatory steps to keep in mind when building a processing facility. Starting an extraction operation is a complex process, and the cannabis industry is not yet at a point where a standard set of guidelines applies to each business. As the industry continues to progress, we can expect to see more standardized processes and more similarity between extraction operations across the board.  

    We write: “Cannabis businesses preparing for the future of the industry are finding that the right design to support their extraction operation is increasingly critical to business performance. A wrong step in the early development stages can be extremely costly, especially if operations are facing inspection failure or an inability to scale with growth and demand.”

    The article discusses four main regulatory considerations that are commonly faced in the extraction industry, covering points such as:

    • Your chosen extraction method will have the biggest impact on your regulatory requirements
    • Understanding land use and zoning regulations early in the process will help you stay ahead
    • Be highly cautious when choosing extraction equipment
    • Be prepared

    The article concludes with the following thoughts: “At the end of the day, extraction can be a dangerous process involving hazardous materials and/or extremely high pressures. While they may seem excessive, the regulations and codes surrounding processing facilities exist to ensure the physical safety of those working in the building. By bringing in the right team early, extraction operations will have the necessary knowledge to navigate the regulatory process and get an operation up and running smoothly.”

    Download the eBook here, and check out our article on page 19: