1. Root in the News: Root Engineers Featured in The Source Weekly

    The Source Weekly, a weekly newspaper based in Bend, Oregon, recently published an article discussing the increasing popularity of industrial hemp in the Central Oregon area. Root Engineers was included in the article as an example of a more traditional business that has expanded into the cannabis industry due to the growth of the national recreational marijuana industry.

    The article reads:  

    “Deschutes is a boom county for industrial hemp with the third-highest number of industrial hemp farms (behind Jackson and Josephine counties). Additionally, Oregon produces the third-greatest acreage of industrial hemp among U.S. states.

    That means, even from a national perspective, Central Oregon is a uniquely coveted destination for industrial hemp growers and processors. This, along with the recreational marijuana boom, has attracted new businesses to the area, and carved out niches within existing businesses.

    One example of that is Root Engineers, a cannabis-focused division of ColeBreit Engineering in Bend. They’re partnering with Deschutes Labs to construct a 6,000-square-foot hemp processing facility in Prineville. ColeBreit has provided plumbing, electrical and mechanical engineering services to Bend since 2013.”

    The article continues on to discuss the positive changes recreational marijuana has brought to states where it is legal. Root Engineers has been working with owners, growers, processors, architects, contractors and investors since legalization in Oregon in 2014, and has since completed more than 80 cannabis-focused projects.

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