1. Smart HVAC Selection Affects the Bottom Line of Cultivation Operations

    As margins become thinner and the cannabis industry matures, smart business owners are looking for every way possible to save money, both in the long and short term. Making a good decision up front about your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) technology needs can be critical to your success as pressure increases for efficiencies and cost savings.

    So what should you consider when optimizing your grow while balancing needs for infrastructure and the cost of technology? First and foremost, it is vital to go into the decision making process with as much knowledge as possible. Here are some basic things to keep in mind when selecting your HVAC system:

    • HVAC performance = process performance: Your temperature and humidity needs for your system will vary depending on your unique operation. Selecting a system that is calibrated to create the right environment for your plants to thrive means taking a step back and looking at the big picture
    • Up-front costs vs. long term costs: Some HVAC equipment in the cannabis space have become a household name, whether it is due to word-of-mouth among growers or good marketing on the part of the manufacturer. Rather than just selecting a system based on popularity or a sales pitch, companies must look at the long-term cost effectiveness of any system. While saving money up front – or going with a popular brand – might seem appealing, it is important to step back and examine a long-term growth strategy before you make a decision.
    • Regulatory concerns: Navigating codes and regulations surrounding things like noise, odor, and local environmental impacts vary from community to community.There’s nothing worse than selecting a system and then having to start from scratch because it doesn’t meet community impact regulations. This is where the assistance of a professional engineering company can really pay off, guiding your business through the complications of municipal, county and state regulatory issues.
    • Sustainability: Both a bottom-line concern and a consumer marketing concern, sustainability is becoming more and more important in the cannabis industry. Consumers are demanding a “green” approach at the retail level, and you can save big on energy bills, and in some cases receive rebates, with an environmentally sound HVAC system in place.

    When we help clients select an HVAC system, we apply decades of engineering expertise, plus our depth of cannabis project experience. Our team takes into consideration things like size of your grow, watering schedules, humidity levels, plant transpiration rates, building type, and future company growth plans, among other key points, in order to recommend the type and size of system to select. When you approach this important decision with all of this knowledge in place, you will be in a position to make more educated decisions on how you want to run your grow operation efficiently and sustainably.